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Digital Strategist, and what kind of things they do for living?


Hello everyone, it’s a been a long time since i made my own blog, or diary, or anything that represent my opinion and experience.

Right now and right here, i would like to share my work experience as Digital Strategist in one of the unique digital agency in Jakarta, i will share the website later, since we still develop it, also attached my pictures in there (finally).

First of all, how many of you have ever heard about digital strategist??

I think it still unfamiliar for you to hear about this position, that’s okay, since this job exist not too long (maybe started from early 2005, or when internet and social media has booming) especially my parents and close family. They think if i work in agency, i will handle some kind of traditional advertising such Television Ads, Printed Banner, or even more surprising, i work with movie star or relate with that. Oh come on…..

I know it’s hard to explain this work, but i think you guys should learn about this, one or two things, since it is the future of our way of doing business (in my opinion actually).

Let me explain a little bit about digital strategist, or we usually call it “Digital Marketeers”. As a general, Digital Strategist is a person who creates a beautiful (or stressful) digital campaign, either it to increase brand awareness and drive traffic, or to convert our traffic into sales, download, or anything else that need further action beyond visiting the website.

But first, If you want to know more about Digital Marketing, feel free to this amazing website and type “Digital Marketing Guide for Dummy”, just kidding guys.

Okay, back to topic, it sounds easy right to plan digital strategy? hold your horse guys, since we plan and think (very, really, highly, greatly, and…..okay that’s enough) hard. Why is it hard?? let’s define it into three phase of developing strategy.


First of all, we make a PLAN, yes it is a PLAN sweetheart. This plan requires a basic knowledge from marketing fundamentals. We have to know about Who is our audiences, What is our brand/product propose to audiences, When we have to execute this campaign and the phase of it, Where is our audiences located, and finally How are we going to execute this campaign, so it will fulfill our target.


Second phase, according these person quotes that said benefit of modern advertising aka digital marketing,  we have to make sure our digital campaign could be actionable and measurable. What kind of data that we could propose?? it’s different according to its objectives. If we look for branding, we have to make a target based on number of impression, people reach, and number of engagement in our content. If we look about generating leads, we have to measure and analyze its traffic and the conversion from the traffic. Sounds difficult right??


Hold on guys, don’t throw up yet, because i already did it. The next and final (finally i mean) phase is the benefit of digital tools. So what we have to do in this phase, we have identify our audiences and what kind of digital tools that they use, such as “are they frequently search about our products or things that related to our brand values and benefit?, are they using social media? if yes, which social media that they use it frequently and active in there?” Of course that’s not all the things that digital strategist do for living, they also have to maintain and analyze it performance, because digital marketing always changing, always understanding….. (where the hell that i used to hear that tagline??).

Anyway, i think that’s enough about explanation for what i do to gather money and marrying my dream girl (who is she anyway? it’s still secret, even i still don’t know who is she). Later on, i will continue this things and share my beautiful and painful of this job.

Last but not least, either you a marketing enthusiast or aware about things that always changing and shaping our future of business. Start learning about digital marketing, and keep learning about it, since it keep growing and changing, therefore you have to adapt fast, or you will be feast.

That’s all from me, see you on my different articles in the future.







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